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Erth Juce is an Ottawa-based band, of whom three members (Craig, Mark, and Kevin) have been together as a unit since 2007, with Dan joining the band in 2010. Collectively, the band members have had years of experience playing rock and blues in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, and the Maritimes. We originated as the hosts of the Saturday Open Blues Jam at the Rainbow in Ottawa (which we did for about 1½ years).

Currently, we have been concentrating on playing gigs around the Ottawa area and developing a set of original songs. An Erth Juce CD is now completed and has been released on April 15th, 2011(some of these tunes can be heard right now on our website). Although our sound has been heavily influenced by classic rock and blues, we feel that we have developed a fresh approach to song writing that extends both of those styles in new, exciting, and powerful directions.

Come and watch us perform, and you’ll soon see that we obviously love and believe in what we are doing. We also like to have fun when we play and thrive on a party atmosphere. If you want to experience a smokin’ show with lots of crunchy guitar licks, groovy bass lines, solid drum beats, and wailin’ harp solos, Erth Juce is the band for you.

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